Our Team

EZPIPER is one of the fastest growing Market Research companies based in Ohio, US. Our senior team is composed of research professionals with a deep technology background, who are actively involved with every research project we touch to ensure that we always deliver what our clients need.

Mithila (“Me-T-la”) Nadkarni, founder and CEO, is an industry veteran in the Market Research domain, with thousands of projects under her belt and years of hands-on experience in survey programming. This experience has led her to question the industry status quo… “Can the traditional function of copy-n-paste in programming for online surveys be automated?

Convinced that there was a better way, Mithila developed a proprietary word to survey conversion tool that made it easy to almost instantly pipe a word document into a usable research product.  This solution set the foundation for the EZPIPER organization.

Before launching EZPIPER, Mithila worked for industry leading firms Lightspeed All Global, Research Now, TNS and NFO. Consistently praised for her positive and innovative approaches to complex projects, Mithila built a reputation as a forward thinker and champion of integrating adaptive upgrades within each new technology advance.

Our Team:
The rest of our team consists of people from diverse backgrounds in Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Technology and Market Research. This helps us to better understand research needs across a variety of industry segments. Our focus is on deep understanding of each research project and its target audience. Our team is trained to review every questionnaire thoroughly and to perform consistency checks at every step – editing, scripting and testing – and to make value-add recommendations to meet your research objectives.
With a talented and service-driven staff, our vision is to continue to grow into a world-class team that is professional, easy to work with, responsive to client needs and mercilessly committed to project timelines and delivery.

At EZPIPER, we pride ourselves on not only being experts in our field, but on our commitment to keeping all of our work and employees based right here in Ohio.

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